What happens now that Bitcoin (BTC/USD) has fallen below its long-term psychological level of $19,000? Bitcoin is on its way to $13,000, according to a crypto analyst who predicted the 2021 crash. The anonymous analyst warns his 618,400 Twitter followers that one "last nuke" could cause altcoins to drop by 30-40%.

Not only popular analysts predict a Bitcoin crash. According to JPMorgan analysts, Bitcoin will reach $13,000 as a result of the Alameda and FTX issues. According to the strategists, the number of entities with strong balance sheets to cushion those facing a liquidity crisis is decreasing. The remarks come as Binance abandons its planned acquisition of FTX.

Bitcoin has been under particular pressure as investors' concerns about speculative assets grow. Previously, the failure of cryptocurrency lenders such as Voyager and Celsius triggered similar market selloffs. When combined with macroeconomic woes and high inflation, investors may view risky assets as a bad bet.

According to JPMorgan, the market is experiencing a confidence crisis. According to the analysts, because FTX had previously received a green light for the quality of its balance sheet, the new problems hit investors differently.

After falling below $19,000, Bitcoin is on a relief rally.

According to the daily chart, BTC is experiencing a relief rally after reaching a low of less than $16,000. The relief gains come after annual inflation in the United States increased by 7.7% in October. The rate was lower than the 7.9% predicted. The under-estimated price gain reignites speculation that the Federal Reserve will slow future rate hikes. Will Bitcoin continue to rise and defy the projected $13,000 price?


Despite the relief rally, a drop below $19,000 strengthens the bear case for Bitcoin. If the bearish sentiment persists, the current rally may be capped at the resistance level.

A likely price action pattern would be further price appreciation followed by a sharp sell-off at $19,000. This would expose BTC to a drop to the $16,000 potential support level and analyst estimates of $13,000.

When should you buy Bitcoin?

Despite the relief rally, Bitcoin remains bearish. Investors should purchase the cryptocurrency once the price has settled at a suitable support level. A break above $19,000 may also entice buyers.

Where can I buy Bitcoin?


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