OKX, a cryptocurrency exchange, will list MRST, The Mars metaverse project's native token.

OKX, one of the world's leading crypto exchanges, is set to list MRST, The Mars metaverse's native token.

Mars is a metaverse platform created by NASA's Mars Lab. Mars Labs has a small territory called "Colony" in the Mars-themed metaverse platform, according to the development team.

Its users can own NFT-type Colonies, allowing them to construct houses or commercial structures. They can also obtain a lease through the use of a blockchain-based Smart Contract.

Users can earn Mars Tokens by contributing to the Mars: metaverse, according to Mars Labs (MRST). The ecosystem is designed to ensure that all platform users can earn MRST through the Play-and-Earn (PAE) system.

MRST is expected to have a lot of utility within the Mars Metaverse ecosystem as the native token. The majority of buildings in the Colony can be purchased with MRST and traded between users.

Furthermore, users can transform the space into a shopping mall, gallery, party hall, classroom, and so on. Users can earn extra money by hosting events in the metaverse, 

As the platform grows, third-party or independent game developers will be able to create and publish games using "The Mars Game Creator" software. Users of the Mars metaverse can also host their own sports leagues. MRST will be used as a reward for game players based on the number of active users.

In addition to listing the MRST token on its platform, OKX announced the launch of a trade lottery with prizes 

The crypto exchange revealed that MRST worth $18,000 would be distributed over the next 10 days to the top 20 daily DEX traders ($1,800 daily). OKX will airdrop the remaining $2,000 in MRST tokens to 20 lucky users who use the OKX Web3 Wallet to make transactions worth 10 MRST tokens or more.

OKX is one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Listing the MRST token on its platform would ensure adequate liquidity for both users of the Mars metaverse and token holders.

OKX index listing MRST arrives about two months after the exchange announced the release of OKX Lite. OKX Lite facilitates the purchase, sale, and exchange of cryptocurrency.

The simplified version of the OKX trading app,