With a gain of more than 7% over the past 24 hours, Litecoin has outperformed the other major cryptocurrencies so far today.

The Litecoin blockchain's native coin, LTC, has increased by more than 7% over the past day. Among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap, the coin is currently having the best performance. At the time of publication, Litecoin is worth $62.15.

The consistent upward performance of LTC is not the result of any catalyst. The rise occurs as the whole cryptocurrency market begins to rebound after underperforming the previous two days.

Over $835 billion worth of cryptocurrencies are currently traded on the market, up less than 1% over the previous day. This most recent bitcoin news is being released as Bitcoin tries to break through the $17,000 resistance mark after increasing by about 2% today. The price of ether is currently $1,218 and has increased by more than 1% during the past day.

levels to watch out for

Given how well Litecoin has been performing over the past 24 hours, the 4-hour LTC/USD chart is positive. According to the technical indications, LTC is performing better than the whole cryptocurrency market.

A few hours ago, the MACD line entered the bullish territory, signalling that the bulls have retaken control of the Litecoin market.

The relative strength index for the last 14 days is 61. If the upward trend continues, LTC may overbought territory within the following several hours or days.

Before the end of the day, LTC might surpass the first significant resistance mark at $69.04 if the positive trend holds.

If the positive trend continues, Litecoin may break through the $75 resistance mark for the first time this month. To get there, though, it would require the backing of the larger crypto market.

The market is not entirely bullish, so the bears could still seize the initiative. If it does, LTC may drop below the support level of $57 over the weekend.