Magic Eden, a cross-chain NFT platform, has boosted interest in NFT Ordinals on Bitcoin by introducing a fully audited Bitcoin NFT market. The marketplace for digital artefacts will include everything, including pictures and audio recordings.

Magic Traders inside the ecosystem will gain from being able to buy and sell Bitcoin-based inscriptions related to satoshi, the smallest unit of measurement for BTC, as a result of Eden's decision.

The NFT universe has a new dimension.
The infrastructure enabling Bitcoin inscriptions is expanding, according to a news release issued by Magic Eden on Tuesday. The network currently has over 400,000 such digital artefacts.

The Hiro and Xverse non-custodial wallets are currently connected into the Bitcoin NFT marketplace and offer functionality including listing, delisting, and buying and selling. Access to more than 70 collections is now available through the marketplace.
Jack Lu, co-founder and CEO of Magic Eden, commented on the development and said:

"Adding a Bitcoin marketplace is very exciting for our team because we are all blockchain enthusiasts and because Bitcoin is the ancestor of all blockchains. The world of NFTs gains a completely new dimension thanks to bitcoin ordinals.

The relationship between Magic Eden and 13 top collections, including Inscribed Pepes, Taproot Wizards, and Bitcoin Bandits, is one of the initial initiatives targeted at promoting adoption. Collectors will have access to information such as Ordinal rarity, name, inscription number, age, and other characteristics about digital artefacts on the platform that have undergone top quality filtration.
According to Lu, no media that has been posted to the Bitcoin chain may be altered or deleted. "Many artists who desire to produce genuine collectibles that are etched onto the chain appreciate this simplicity. We are thrilled to introduce to Bitcoin our successful marketplace user experience that we have been developing over the past 15 months.

Magic Eden has strengthened its position as a leading supplier of blockchain and Web3 solutions with the launch of a Bitcoin NFFT marketplace. This most recent action complements recent extensions to Ethereum and Polygon, however it continues to be the top NFT marketplace for Solana.