Michael Saylor, the creator of MicroStrategy, declared that the business had repaid the $205 million debt at a 22% discount.
Also, the business spent $150 million on 6,455 bitcoins.
Currently, Saylor's business owns more than 138,900 bitcoins.
The biggest corporate Bitcoin owner in the world, MicroStrategy, has disclosed that it recently bought additional BTC.

Michael Saylor, a proponent of Bitcoin, created the business intelligence firm, which declared on Monday that it had repaid a loan to the defunct cryptocurrency-friendly bank Silvergate Bank.

MicroStrategy repays $250 million loan, buys 6,455 BTC

Saylor stated that MicroStrategy had now fully repaid the $205 million loan it took out from Silvergate in March 2022, citing his company's most recent SEC report. According to reports, the corporation paid off the $160 million collateralized loan on Friday after clearing the loan principal at a 22% reduction.

The corporation was able to recover its 34,619 BTC that had been pledged as collateral as a result.

Moreover, MicroStrategy announced the acquisition of 6,455 BTC, which cost $150 million in total and averaged $23,238 per coin. From the company's initial step in 2020, Saylor has amassed 138,955 BTC in total as part of its bitcoin strategy.

With each bitcoin costing an average of $29,817, the total cost of acquiring BTC to date has been $4.1 billion.

Bitcoin is currently worth about $27,809, while MicroStrategy shares finished at $256.67 on Friday and were down 0.07% at 9:10 a.m. ET on Monday, before the US stock market opened.